Win 100 Super coins daily – Flipkart Bid and Win Show

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Hello Guys! I hope you all are fine. Today, I am back with another new offer in which you can win 100 Supercoins daily. This offer is from Flipkart trusted website. I hope you like it

Flipkart is one of the most popular shopping website and application in India. Here you can buy products of any categories online. Flipkart also offers assured product and free delivery on products above ₹500 just like amazon.

Along with Shopping Flipkart also offers some other features like Flipkart Plus Membership (Like Amazon Prime), Flipkart Supercoins to claim rewards, Flipkart Games and Videos to Win rewards, Supercoins and Gift Vouchers.

Recently, Flipkart launched a new Show – Flipkart Bid and Win Show in which one winner will get a Big Reward, 100 Winners will get Vouchers and Remaining Winners will get 100 Super coins daily. Here the full step by step to participate in Flipkart Bid and win show.

Flipkart bid and win show - win 100 super coins daily

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How to Participate in Flipkart Bid and Win Show and Win 100 Super Coins?

1 . Download Latest or Update your Flipkart app.

2. Open the app and Login.

3. Go to Videos Section.

4. Search for “Bid and Win Show” Banner and Click on it.

5. Click on Play and Win button.

6. Watch the 4 Four minute video.

7. Here you have to Predict and Bid the Best price for that product shown in the video.

8. Players who bid the price at minimum will become winner.

Note: Winners will be announced next day on morning.

If you win the Bid and Win Show, You will atleast get 100 Super coins in your Flipkart account. You can use Flipkart super coins to Claim/Buy Disney+ Hoststar VIP and Premium Subscription.

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