4 UPI Merchant Apps For Your Shop Or Bussiness

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Top 4 UPI Merchant Apps with great cash back offers

Hello everyone. Here we are with another blog, today we are going to discuss about top 4 UPI Merchant apps of 2020 which will be best for your shop or business. This UPI Merchant Apps gives lot of cashback offers and also have many other features. Now it’s your turn to go cashless with this UPI Merchant payments app and grow your Bussiness now.

Following are the list of top 4 UPI Merchant apps:-

1.PhonePe Business.

PHonepe business - UPI Merchant apps

This is a initiative from PhonePe for all the shop owners and small businesses. PhonePe for business is very useful Apps for the all shop owner. You just have to put your QR code there in your shop and have to receive payments. You will get daily different cashbacks through PhonePe for business app.

At the time phonePe is giving life offer to their customer which name is phone PhonePe bohni offer. In this offer you can earn daily cashbacks of upto ₹75. You just have to receive 8 unique payments of ₹50 or above and you can earn ₹70 in your PhonePe wallet daily. So if you are a shop owner then go and grab this offer now. Click on the below download button to download phone Pe for business now.


Bharatpe - UPI Merchant apps

This is another UPI Merchant payments app. This is specially designed for small shop owners. You can receive payments for your shop by using this Apps QR code. you will receive your payment directly in your bank account.

You can also many cashaback offers after using this app. This app is giving ₹210 after receiving 10 payments through its QR code. This app also have a very great refer and earn program. You can earn ₹100 from. Just single refer. You will also get a scratch card of upto ₹1000 after signup. So download this app now and get doubled your income.

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3.Paytm For Business

If we are talking about payments app and Paytm is not on the list, it is not gonna happen.paytm also have it’s own Merchant UPI app for shop owners. Paytm for business is giving cashback up to ₹200 on just 15 payments from QR code. As you will be known about Paytm that it offers a very great range of cashback offers. So as Paytm for business also provides many cashback offers for its users.

You can win a cashbacks from ₹50-₹200 after accepting 15 payments from 7 unique accounts.you have to activate this offer in your ap. So is you don’t have a paytm Merchant app click on the below download button and start earning right now.

4.Google Pay For Business

Gpay for Business

Since everyone have it’s own Merchant payments app so why Google pay would be behind. Google pay started it’s own Merchant payments app. You can receive payments directly into your bank account using Google pay for business QR code.

Google pay for business also have a very huge and dynamic range of cashback offers. At this time Google pay is giving cashback up to ₹50 daily. You just have to receive 3 unique payments of more than ₹50, you can see all other many offers like it in the app. Download the app now to earn more cashback from Google pay for business


Does Paytm charge any commission from Merchants?

No, Paytm does not charge any cost to the Merchants who use this app for receiving or sending money. It is totally free of cost.

Does Google pay for business is free?

yes, Google pay for business is totally free for their merchants user’s. You can use this app to accept payments and send money to anyone and it is absolutely free of cost.

How many money does Bharatpe gives on single refer?

BHARTPE gives ₹100 on each refer you made. You just have to share your download link and when your friend start using this app you will get ₹100 directly in your account.

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