PUBG Mobile New Upgradable Skins – M416, AKM, and more.

Updated On: Posted By: Ajay Patel

After the new update of PUBG Mobile, This game has been changed Completely. In PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update, It brings a new Lobby, a New User interface, and much more. In the Coming days, PUBG Mobile will be coming with a new Advanced Upgradable Skins. Today, In this article we are going to share some upcoming gun skins with advanced options. I hope you like it.

 PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game for Android and iOS. This game is developed by the Blue hole company which is established in South Korea. In this game, 100 players jump into an island and fight with each other to get the first Rank and win the game. The last survivor wins the match and gets Chicken Dinner. PUBG Mobile also offers other modes like Deathmatch, Payload mode, Arena training, Zombie mode, Quick match, war mode, etc.

Before going to the actual point of this article, let me tell you that, PUBG Mobile Upgradable Skins can only be found on Random Crate opening. You don’t need any royal pass to get Updgradable Skins. let’s check out

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1. Jack-O-Latern AKM Skin

Jack-o-latern Akm Skins

The New upcoming upgradable skin is the new Jack-O`-lantern AKM Skin. In the above image, you can see that, It will have the Basic appearance, Kill Effect, Advance Form, Kill message, Firearm ornament, Final Form, and Loot crate.

In Advance form, You will get Attachment finishes of the compensator, Suppressor, Flash Hider, Scopes, etc. This new AKM Upgradable skin will also have a Firearm ornament which we have seen before behind our bags.

2. Call of the Wild – M416 Skin

PUBG Mobile Upgradable Skin - Call of the Wild M416

This new PUBG Mobile Upgradable Skin of M416 – Call of the Wild is also the same as AKM Upcoming Skin. It will also have a Basic appearance, Kill Effect, Advance Form, Kill message, Firearm ornament, Final Form, and Loot crate.

It is different from AKM Skin. Because It has a different kill effect. When you fire with this skin to any enemy. It will show a Kill effect with Coins falling in earth. It will also offer option to add attachement finishes and Ornaments.

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There are various new PUBG Mobile Upgradable Skins coming. See all here.

3. lady Bug – SKS

Ladybug SKS Upgradable Skin

4. Crow – VSS

Crow - VSS Level 1

5. Crocodile – Pan

Crocodile - Pan

Honor Lucky Skin

A new lucky spin is also coming soon. It will have Two premium outfits, two helmet skins, Two bag skins, One Frag Grande Skin and One Pan Skin, etc.