How to Pay Credit Card Bill using Flipkart Supercoins

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Hello Guys! I hope you all are fine. Today, I am back with another new Credit Card Bill Payment Offer. If you have a credit card, then You can use this offer to save some money while doing the payment. I hope you like this offer.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the popular eCommerce websites and applications in India. Here you can buy any type of product online and get it delivered to your home. Flipkart also provides a Plus membership that has Free delivery, Double Supercoins, Discount offers, Plus members sale, etc.

Other than eCommerce, Flipkart also provides other features like Supercoins that can be used to claim subscriptions, gift vouchers, free products, etc. It also has a Games section to earn free supercoins, You can also pay to apps via super coins, etc. Recently, Flipkart launched the Flipkart Coupon Rain offer where you can get Flipkart discount coupons for free.

You should have bought something from Flipkart at least once and received Flipkart supercoins in rewards. But Don’t know where to use these super coins. Well, You can use these supercoins to pay the credit card bill. Follow the below guide to avail the offer.

How to Pay Credit Card Bill using Flipkart Supercoins?

1 . First of all, Open Flipkart and Check how many super coins you have.

2. Now, Download and Install the Mobikwik app and Open it.

3. Login or Signup with your Mobile Number.

4. Now, Tap on Credit Card Bill Payment.

mobikwik credit card bill payment

5. Select or Add a new Credit Card and Enter Your Card Details.

6. Enter the Amount to Pay.

pay credit card bill online

7. Click on Apply Coupon and there you’ll see the Flipkart Supercoins option.

mobikwik credit card bill payment coupon

8. Select the Supercoins and you will get a discount based on the supercoins.

pay credit card bill using flipkart supercoins

9. Pay the remaining amount using UPI or other methods.

10. You’ve successfully paid your Credit Card Bill Payment using Flipkart Supercoins.

Note: Supercoins will be converted to MobiKwik cash for payment. Rs.1 = 4 Supercoins. So, If you have 100 Supercoins, You will get Rs.25 discount.

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