Free Google Pay SoundPod – How To Get It?

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In recent regulatory shifts, the Reserve Bank of India has halted Paytm Payment bank services, leaving countless merchants in search of alternatives. However, amidst this transition emerges a beacon of hope: the Google Pay SoundPod, poised to redefine payment convenience for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) across India.

What is Google Pay SoundPod?

The Google Pay SoundPod is an innovative audio gadget designed to provide audible alerts upon payment transactions, streamlining the process for both merchants and customers. Equipped with four buttons for power, menu, and audio control, as well as a compact display, this battery-operated device ensures seamless integration into any business setting.

Introducing Google Pay SoundPod-How To Get It Free

Key Features

  1. Instant Audible Alerts: With the tap of a QR code, merchants receive immediate audio notifications, enhancing transaction tracking and efficiency.
  2. Accessibility for SMBs: Designed with the needs of small retailers in mind, the Google Pay SoundPod promises unparalleled ease and convenience, catering to the diverse landscape of Indian businesses.
  3. Competitive Edge: Positioned as a formidable rival to existing UPI soundbox providers like Paytm and PhonePe, the Google Pay SoundPod offers a compelling alternative with its robust features and accessibility.

How to Obtain Google Pay SoundPod for FREE?

For SMBs eager to embrace this transformative technology, acquiring the Google Pay SoundPod is a straightforward process:

  1. Eligibility: Ensure you possess a valid business account within the Google Pay merchant app.
  2. Ordering Process: Navigate to the Google Pay Business app and follow the prompts to request your SoundPod device. While standard service plans entail a one-time fee, SMBs can procure the device at no cost through specific subscription packages.
  3. Service Plans: Opt for either the daily plan, involving a nominal daily deduction, or the yearly plan, offering substantial savings. Regardless of the chosen plan, Google Pay SoundPod users stand to benefit from exclusive cashback incentives and rewards.

Cashback Incentives

To further incentivize adoption and utilization, Google is offering lucrative cashback rewards to SoundPod users:

  1. Transaction Threshold: Merchants who successfully complete 400 or more GPay QR transactions within a month qualify for a guaranteed cashback of ₹125.
  2. Redemption Process: Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, users can claim their cashback through scratch cards, accessible within the Google Pay app. It’s important to note that transactions must be active and valid to qualify for rewards.


As the digital payment landscape continues to evolve, the introduction of Google Pay SoundPod represents a pivotal moment for Indian merchants. With its intuitive design, competitive features, and enticing rewards program, this innovative device heralds a new era of efficiency and accessibility in payment processing. Embrace the future of transactions with Google Pay SoundPod – revolutionizing the way businesses operate across the nation.