Google Pay Hyderabad Event answers – Earn ₹30-100 cashback

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Google Pay is running a Google Pay-Go India offer for few days. In this offer, you have to visit all cities of India and You will get Rs.101 to Rs.501 Cashback instantly in your bank account. Today, Google Pay is offering extra cashback between Rs.30 – Rs.100 for visiting Hyderabad via the Google Pay Hyderabad event.

Google Pay is one of the popular UPI Based Android and iOS app in India. In Google Pay, you can earn scratch cards by Doing UPI transactions. You can also do Other transactions like Prepaid recharge, Bill payments, Third-party app transactions, etc.

If you are already using Google Pay Go India offers, then Must Visit Hyderabad today and Participate in Google Pay Hyderabad event and Earn cashback between Rs.30-100. To earn cashback you must complete some steps and Give 5 answers of Questions related to Hyderabad. Follow the below step and get all answers.

Google Pay Hyderabad event answers - Win Rs.30-100 cashback

How to Visit Hyderabad and Earn Rs.30 – 100 Cashback?

  1. First of all, Open Google pay and Scroll Down.
  2. Go to Go India offer.
  3. You need a Hyderabad ticket (You can get it By sharing a map with friends).
  4. Now, Click on Go Button on the Hyderabad ticket.
  5. It will show you to start the Quiz.
  6. Click on Ready or Start.
  7. Now, It will ask 5 questions related to Hyderabad.
  8. Check out all the answers below and earn cashback guaranteed.

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Google Pay Hyderabad Event answers

Q1. Charminar literally means

Ans – Four Tower

Q2. The famous lake In Hyderabad is Called

Ans – Hussain Sagar lake

Q3. What is money or gifts given to younger members on the occasion of EID called?

Ans – Eidi

Q4. Which of the following is a dance from of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana?

Ans – Kuchipudi

Q5. You receive a call on the eve of eid stating that you have won a Rs10 Lakh

Ans – never open Gpay or enter UPI to receive money

Q6. Which of the following are referred to as twin cities?

Ans – Secunderabad And Hyderabad

Q7 which of the following is not a hyderabadi speciality cuisine

Ans – Daal Baati churma

Q8. Which is a Famous Film city in Hyderabad?

Ans – Ramji film city

Q8. Hyderabad is situated at the bank of which river

Ans – Musi River

Note: Google Pay may ask 5 questions among these questions and you have 14-15 Sec to answer each question.

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