Google Pay Cricket Fest Offer Page – Earn Rs.151 Cashback

Updated On: Posted By: Ajay Patel

Are you ready to bat for big wins? Google Pay brings an exciting offer just in time for the IPL 2024 season with its Cricket Fest Offer. Get ready to collect Superfans and claim cashback rewards up to ₹151! Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this exciting opportunity.

Google Pay is back with yet another irresistible offer, this time celebrating the spirit of cricket with its Cricket Fest Offer. Similar to previous successful campaigns, such as the Festival City Shagun and Rangoli Fest, this offer promises lucrative rewards for participants.

How to Participate in Google Pay Cricket Fest Offer and Earn Rs.151 Cashback?

google pay cricket fest offer

1. Visit the Google Pay Cricket Fest offer page.

2. Upon arrival, receive up to 10 Superfans instantly.

3. Aim to collect a total of 200 Superfans to qualify for rewards.

4. Utilize the “Collect Superfan with friends” option.

5. Share the unique link with friends and family to receive additional Superfans from them.

6. Upon accumulating 200 Superfans, unlock a new scratch card.

google pay cricket fest offer cashback

7. Claim your reward of up to ₹151 cashback directly credited to your bank account.

Experience the thrill of a cricket match within the Google Pay app. Engage in the game and collect even more Superfans by matching three similar stamps such as balls, bats, or helmets. Each match rewards you with additional Superfans, bringing you closer to the coveted 200 Superfans milestone.

The excitement doesn’t end with collecting Superfans. Upon reaching the milestone of 200 Superfans, claim your scratch card and stand a chance to win up to ₹150 cashback. What’s more, the cashback amount is instantly credited to your bank account, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

With the Google Pay Cricket Fest Offer, the thrill of cricket extends beyond the field. Seamlessly integrate fun gameplay with lucrative rewards, making this offer a must-try for all cricket enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to score big – collect your Superfans, play the game, and claim your cashback rewards today!