Google Pay Chennai Event Quiz answers – Earn up to Rs.100 Cashback

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Google Pay is running a Google Pay Go India offer for few days. In this offer, you have to visit all cities of India and You will get Rs.101 to Rs.501 Cashback instantly in your bank account. Today, Google Pay is offering extra cashback between Rs.10 – Rs.100 for visiting Chennai via the Google Pay Chennai event.

Google Pay is one of the popular UPI Based Android and iOS app in India. In Google Pay, you can earn scratch cards by Doing UPI transactions. You can also do Other transactions like Prepaid recharge, Bill payments, Third-party app transactions, etc.

If you are already using the Google Pay Go India offer, then Must Visit Jaipur today and Participate in the Google Pay Chennai event and Earn cashback between Rs.10-100. To earn cashback you must complete some steps and Give 5 answers to Questions related to Chennai. Follow the below step and get all answers.

How to Visit Chennai and Earn Rs.10 – 100 Cashback?

  1. First of all, Open Google pay and Scroll Down.
  2. Go to Go India offer.
  3. You need a Chennai ticket (You can get it By Clicking on the Chennai Countdown icon).
  4. Now, Click on Go Button on the Chennai ticket.
  5. Now Click on Ok and then Start Event
  6. It will show you to start the Quiz.
  7. Click on Ready or Start.
  8. Now, It will ask 5 questions related to Chennai.
  9. Check out all the answers below and earn cashback or KM and Rare Ticket.
Google Pay Chennai Event

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Google Pay Chennai Event Answers

Q1. Which of the following is not a railway station in Chennai?

Ans – Chennai Cantt.

Q2. Which of the following is a popular dish in Chennai?

Ans – All of them

Q3. Jangiri, Appam & Rava Kesari are all examples of

Ans – Sweet Dishes

Q4. Which UNESCO World Heritage site is located near Chennai?

Ans – Monuments at Mahabalipuram

Q5. Your shop for a saree at your favorite store by scanning the QR code on the counter. You need to call Google Pay Customer care for the transaction’s details. Ho will you find customer care?

Ans – Go to help inside Google Pay App

Q6. Which type of saree would you be buying from Tamil Nadu?

Ans – Kanjivaram Saree

Q7. Which is the Chennai film industry?

Ans – Kollywood

Q8. Which of the following is not a popular drink in Chennai?

Ans – Apo

Google Pay Chennai Event Cashback/Reward

Google pay Chennai Event Cashback

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