Get 1 Free PUBG Mobile Rename Card

Updated On: Posted By: Ajay Patel

PUBG Mobile was launched at Beginning of 2018. So, Many users logged in with any username and Now, They need 180 UC to get another rename card. So, Today I bring you a New PUBG Mobile trick to get a free PUBG Mobile Rename card. I hope you like it.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular Android and iOS games available in the Play Store and App Store. This game is popular because it’s one of the best graphics and Motion of Characters. There are More than 3 Crore players play PUBG Mobile in India only. So, This told me that the PUBG Mobile craze is high.

Recently, the Indian Government banned 118 Apps including PUBG Mobile because of the Security Threat and Tension with China on Border. But, Some users are still able to play the game. Most of the users want to change the username of their accounts. But, You need 180UC to rename your Username. If you are new to PUBG Mobile and Haven’t crossed Level 10 yet, You don’t need this trick because, In level 10, you will already get a Free PUBG Mobile Rename card.

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Today, I found a new trick to get Rename card in other regions except for India and some other country. Yeah, It means you need to change The country/Region of Your PUBG Mobile account to get Rename Card. Don’t worry, I will tell you the full process to get the Free PUBG Mobile Rename card. follow the below process.

Change PUBG Mobile Country/Region for Rename Card

  1. Download and Install Panda VPN or other you want.
  2. Open VPN and Select Russia Server.
  3. Now, Open PUBG Mobile.
  4. In the Lobby, Go to Settings>basic.
  5. Scroll Down and You will see Country/Region.
  6. Now, It will show Russia Region.
  7. Click on Ok Button and Your region will be changed.
  8. Disconnect Panda VPN and Remove PUBG Mobile From recent.

Note: If you are changing your Region first time, You won’t be able to Change the region for 60days.

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PUBG Mobile Rename Card Free
Free PUBG Mobile Rename card

How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Rename card?

  1. After changing the Region, Open PUBG Mobile again.
  2. Now, Click on Events Option (Right Side below banners).
  3. Click on the Blissful reverie option.
  4. Collect the Blue Cornflower.
  5. You will get 5 Blue Cornflower daily.
  6. Collect a Total of 30 Cornflower in 6 days
  7. Now, Go to Events>Blissful reverie Redemption shop.
  8. Find the Rename card and Redeem it.
  9. Enjoy the Rename card in your account.

Note: This offer will end on 12th October 2020. So, You have 8 Days to Collect the rename card.

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