Earn Free 1800UC in PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is one of the popular Android and iOS Games. It is a battle royal game and available to play for free. PUBG Mobile also offers app purchase items like Gun Skins, Premium outfits, etc. You need UC to get those items. So, Today, I bring you a new trick to earn Free 1800UC in your PUBG Mobile Account by playing Classic Matches.

PUBG Mobile offers Elite Royal pass and Elite Plus Royal Pass in every two months. The Current Season Royal Pass is 14 and the next Season Pass will be available in two weeks. In every season PUBG Mobile brings new premium outfits, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins, Emotes, etc. You need 600UC to buy Elite Royal Pass. In India Currency, 600UC costs approx Rs.800 and This amount is much for Students.

If you are a regularly play PUBG Mobile but don’t have UC or Money to Buy Royal Pass or other mythic items. Today, I am gonna provide you a new trick to earn free 1800UC in PUBG Mobile. You don’t need any other app to earn money. You can earn UC by Playing classic and TDM in PUBG Mobile.

If you are a regular player in PUBG Mobile you have already heard of Bonus Challenge. I know that you already know about it. But, With this new Trick, You will earn Free 1800UC in every season. You don’t need any investment. Follow the below process and Earn Free UC.

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How to Earn Free 1800UC in PUBG Mobile?

  1. Open PUBG Mobile and go to Lobby.
  2. Click on the Rewards icon and go to the Recommended option.
  3. Click on the Weekly report.
  4. In the Weekly report page, Scroll down and Collect Bonus Voucher.
  5. Now, Go back and Click on Cup icon (Top Left Side near cheer park).
  6. Click on the Bonus Challenge option.
  7. Now, Here you can register into different challenges.
  8. Register in those challenges and play matches.
  9. Win the match and Earn Bonus Points and Collect Free 1800UC.

Free 1800UC Earn - Bonus Challenge


  • If you are in Crown you will get 2 Voucher and If you are in Ace you will get 3 Voucher.
  • 1 Bonus Voucher = 10UC.
  • 100 Bonus Points = 10 UC
  • If you are playing TDM with 1 Voucher and Win that TDM match with 10 Kills, You will receive a 1.5x amount.
  • You will get Bonus Voucher every week in the Weekly report.
  • Collect all vouchers and Play challenges.

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How to Redeem Bonus Points into UC in PUBG Mobile?

  1. Go to Bonus Challenge.
  2. Click on the Redeem option.
  3. Now, you will be redirected to the new page.
  4. Here you will see three UC packages 100UC, 300UC, and 500UC.
  5. If you have 1000 Bonus points, Claim 100UC, or more.
  6. Go back and go to PUBG Mobile Mail.
  7. Collect UC instantly.

Free 1800UC Redeem Rewards


  • You can Collect 100UC Two times in every season
  • You can Collect 300UC Two times in every season
  • You can Collect 500UC Two times in every season
  • It means (100×2+300×2+500×2)= 1800UC Every season.

How to Earn more Bonus Points with Bonus Points.

If you are a pro player and win any match easily then, you should defenitely register in challange.

  1. In PUBG Mobile Lobby, Click on? (Question Mark icon).
  2. Here, You will get new challenges like Win the next match and earn double and win the next three matches and get 100 of 10 points.
  3. So, If you can easily win matches, you can also complete this challenge.

Proof that I Received 500UC from Bonus Challenge

Free UC proof

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