Flipkart Beat the Genius Quiz answers – 7th Dec

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Hello Guys! I hope you all are fine. Today, I am back with another new quiz article For you. Just like Amazon quiz It is quite similar. Flipkart beat the Genius quiz offers you free supercoins, rewards and more for giving correct answers. I hope you like it.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the popular shopping websites and apps in India. It provides your online products of any category from Home and kitchen items to Electronic items. You can buy anything like amazon.

Flipkart also has Plus membership where you will get Free delivery on assured products, You can use super coins to buy third party app subscriptions, Discount vouchers, etc. Flipkart also offers a Games section where you can play games and quizzes like Flipkart fake or not, Trivia Quiz, Beat the Genius, etc, and win super coins and prizes like Gift vouchers.

Flipkart Beat the Genius Quiz is very similar to Fake or Not quiz. Here they will not ask True or Flase. You have to give the true answer or choose the right answers. watch the episode and give all correct answers.

How to Participate in Flipkart Beat the Genius Quiz?

  1. First of all, Download or update the Flipkart app.
  2. Select language and Login with Mobile or Email.
  3. Enter Password and login.
  4. Now, Go to the Games section.
  5. Scroll down and click on Beat the genius Banner.
  6. Now, Click on the Play Now button.
  7. They will ask questions between the video.
  8. Give all correct answers and win rewards.
Flipkart beat the genius quiz reward

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Flipkart beat the Genius quiz answers – 7th Dec

Q1. On which lake would you find Lake Palace in Udaipur ?

Ans – Pichola

Q2. NEERJA HANOT, The Flight Attendant Killed by Terrorists Worked For Which Airline?

Ans – Pan Am

Q3. Karsanbhai Patel is best known as the founder of which company?

Ans – Nirma

Q4. In the Mahabharat which son of shanatanu and ganga took the name Bhishma?

Ans – Devavrata

Q5. At the 1956 Melbourne Olympics who Became The First Asian To Score HatTrick In OLYMPIC FOOTBALL

Ans – Niville D’Souza

Flipkart beat the Genius quiz answers – 6th Dec

Q1. The experimental township auroville in tamil nadu is dedicated to whose vision

Ans – SriAurobindo

Q2. In 1964 which indian entrepreneur founded the audio equipment company Bose corporation

Ans – Amar Bose

Q3. Ashutosh gowarikar’s panipat tells the story of which maratha commandar who lost the battle of Panipat

Ans – Sadashivrao bhau

Q4. In which event did milkha singh miss out olympic medal by less than a second

Ans – 400m

Q5. The Last known members of which animal species was shot by maharaj of koriya in 1947

Ans – AsiaticCheetah

Flipkart beat the Genius quiz answers – 5th Dec

Q1. In 2013, which rapper and musician released the song ‘Blue eyes’

Ans – YoYo Honey Singh

Q2. Which best selling book of Chetan Bhagat tells the story haru Ryan and alok

Ans – Five Point Someone

Q3. In 2010 who designed the symbol of Indian rupee

Ans – Udaya singh

Q4. India celebrates national science say on Feb 28 to mark which occasion

Ans – Discovery of Raman Effect

Q5. During the first world war indian sliders paired at which city mutinied in 1915

Ans – Singapore

Flipkart beat the Genius quiz answers – 4th Dec

Q1. What day is observed in India on Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary on 31st October?

Ans – NationalUnity Day

Q2. In 2009 which Indian poet-lyricist won the Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’?

Ans – Gulzar

Q3. Which Indian city was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2019?

Ans – Jaipur

Q4. What animal is the primary diet of the King Cobra?

Ans – Snake

Q5. Which biologist of Indian origin won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009?

Ans – VenkiRamakrishnan

Flipkart beat the Genius quiz answers – 3rd Dec

Q1. Who made the highest individual score for India in an ODI world cup final

Ans – Gautam Gambhir

Q2.Which member of parliament won the 2019 Sahitya akademi award in English for his work in “An era of darkness”

Ans – Shashi Tharoor

Q3.  The word Naxalite comes from the village of Naxalbari located in which state.

Ans – West Bengal

Q4. What term in Indian business did Deepak Mohini coin?

Ans – Sensex.

Q5. In the Ramayana, under whose supervison was the bridge Lanka built

Ans – Nala

Flipkart beat the Genius Quiz answers – 2nd Dec

Q1. The Alphonso mango was named after an explorer from which country

Ans – Portugal

Q2. in the Mahabarath who narrates events of the kurukshetra war to the blind DHRITARASHTRA

Ans – Sanjaya

Q3. Which puducherry-born Hollywood direct received a Padma Shri in 2008?

Ans – M Night Shayamalan

Q4. In which country did the Indian men’s cricket team win its first overseas test.

Ans – New Zealand

Q5. In 1829, which governer general of India banned the practice of sati

Ans –  Lord Bentick

Flipkart beat the Genius Quiz answers – 1st Dec

Q1.Which was the first bollywood movie for which AR Rahman composed music

Ans – Rangeela.

Q2. In which state in the USA was the howdy modi event held?

Ans – Texas

Q3.From which company did the Tatas buy Jaguar Land Rover?

Ans –  Ford

Q4. A writer in which language won the first ever Jnanpith Award

Ans –  Malayalam

Q5. In the Ramayana, whose real name was Nemi?

Ans – Dasaratha

Flipkart beat the Genius Quiz answers – 30th Nov

Q1. Which Indian Super League Team has Sunil Chhetri played for since 2013

Ans – Bengaluru FC

Q2. Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘7 khoon Maaf’ and ‘The blue umbrella’ are based on the works of which author

Ans – Ruskin Bond.

Q3. who was the first indian soldier to attain the rank of field marshal.

Ans –SHFJ Manekshaw.

Q4. The campus of which of these institutions, the first of its kind served as an airbase for us troops during world war 2

Ans –IIT Kharagpur

Q5. In Hindu Mythology what did the king bhagirathi bring from the heavens through penance

Ans – Ganga

Flipkart beat the Genius Quiz answers – 27th Nov

Q1. In which state is the 57ft high gomateshwar statue of bahubali

Ans – karnataka

Q2. India air forces motto nabha sparshan deeptam is from which holy text

Ans – Bhagvad gita

Q3. Which indian sportsman has written a memoir a shot at history

Ans – abhinav bindra

Q4. Who created border line that partitioned india and pakistan

Ans – cyril radcliffe

Q5. The vikramasala sanctuary in bihar is dedicated to which creature

Ans – dolphin

Flipkart beat the Genius Quiz answers – 26th Nov

Q1. Which company owns tiktok which was banned in India

Ans – Bytedance

Q2. In ramayan who’s bow ram broke to win sita

Ans – Shiva

Q3. Who’s independent India’s first individual Olympic medalist

Ans – Kd jadhav

Q4. Which is the only award sholay won in filmfare

Ans – Best editing

Q5. Which kingdom went to ruin after battle of talikota in 1565

Ans – Vijaynagara

Flipkart beat the Genius Quiz answers – 25th Nov

Q1. On the occasion of which festival were people gathered in Jallianwala bagh when British troops fired?

Ans – Baisakhi

Q2. Which is the largest Union Territory in India by area?

Ans – Ladakh

Q3. Who is the only indian to have scored a century in the USA in international cricket?

Ans – KL Rahul

Q4. Which organisation was originally located in the Chamber of Princes?

Ans – Supreme Court

Q5. ‘Neither Roses Nor Thorns’ is the autobiography of which Supreme Court judge?

Ans – HR Khanna

Flipkart beat the Genius Quiz answers – 24th Nov

Q1. On the occasion of which festival were people gathered in Jallianwala bagh when British troops fired upon them

Ans – Baisakhi

Q2.Which is the largest Union Territory in India By area.

Ans –Ladakh.

Q3.Who is the only indian to have scored a century in the usa in international cricket.

Ans –KL Rahul

Q4.Which organization was originally located in the chamber of princes in the parliament before moving to its own premises in 1958

Ans – Supreme Court

Q5.Neither Roses Nor Thorns is an autobiography of which supreme court judge who was a presidential candidate who lost to Giani Singh

Ans – HR khanna

Flipkart beat the Genius Quiz answers – 21st Nov

Q1. Where is the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets located?


Q2. Who defeated emperor Humayun and took control of the Mughal empire?


Q3. In which city did Sachin Tendulkar hit the first double century in men’s ODI cricket?


Q4. In 1995 what historic first in India took place between Jyoti Basu and Union minister Sukh Ram?

Ans – First Mobile Phone Call

Q5. In the Mahabharata, who was the only son of Dhritarashtra to survive the Kurukshetra war?

Ans – Yuyutsu

Flipkart Beat the Genius Quiz answers – 20th Nov

Q1. Which indian player defeated Nozomi to become the world champion in her sport

Ans – PV Sindhu.

Q2. Which was the first state in India to report a case of Covid-19

Ans – Kerala

Q3. Who did Pranab Mukherjee defeat In the election to become president of india

Ans – PA Sangma

Q4. What does the word Rafale literally mean in French

Ans – Gust of wind

Q5. In the 1920s, who became India’s first female advocate

Ans – Cornelia Sorabji

Flipkart Beat the Genius Quiz answers – 19th Nov

Q1. In which city did the brand haldirams start out as a small shop

Ans – bikaner

Q2. In which state did a chief minister serve over 24 yrs a record for an indian state

Ans – sikkim

Q3. Who was the chief architect responsible for building rashtarpati bhavan

Ans – edwin lutyens

Q4. In which state would find indias tallest mountain south of the himalyas

Ans – kerala

Q5. In which sport are homi motivala and pk garg are the only 2 winners of rajiv gandhi khel ratna award

Ans – yachting

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