Chess Facts Every Enthusiast Should Know

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There are various kinds of online games that you can play to pass the time and even make money out of. One such game is chess. We all know all and sundry love offline chess, and it is a very intellectual game. It has been the game of gentlemen, philanthropists, and other talented people.

However, most people love online chess because it is easy to access and can be played anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you do not have the pressure of being in a club or a party where you need to show off your skills. If we lose, there’s no harm in that the opponent you will be challenging is sitting in a different city or place altogether. If you’ve been a chess fan, you already know its benefits. To see the least, it will flex your brain muscles and enhance mental performance. Chess game download is pretty easy as well!

It also improves memory with time. Chess is also known to boost cognitive abilities. If you want to think something strategically, chess is the ultimate go-to. If you cannot concentrate on work or studies for a more extended period, we assume you should try to play a round or 2 of chess regularly. Read this Forbes blog to learn about chess and how the pandemic has induced it.

It can help you in more ways than one. If you already know chess, then you must have an idea of how to play it well. Besides the fact that you need to keep an eye on your opponent’s move, chess also demands you to think quickly. The more logically you think, the better it gets for you.

In this blog, we will talk to you about a few pretty exciting chess facts.

As we all know, it is a game of skill and knowledge; the more patient you are, the more benefit you will get from chess. The best part about online chess is that you will probably take cash prizes home if you play it well.

Chess Facts

1) One of the most interesting facts is that chess is one of the most effective ways to improve memory, as said by psychologists.
You must play this game if you want to allow your mind to find solutions to issues and even work through ideas. People say that it can help in fighting Alzheimer’s. It can ease your mental issues and help you sharpen your IQ levels. As per some researchers, chess’s effects are commendable on young children.

2) One of the oldest complete chess sets was found on the Isle of Lewis in northern Scotland. It is said that it dates back to the 12th century.

3) Your King, soldiers, and bishops look like this is a reason behind why! That is because the game traveled through the Islamic world before it reached Europe. Thus, they look like this. Quite interesting, right?

4) A popular chess variant is chess960. This game is also known as “Fischer Random Chess .”In this game, the pieces move in the same way. The game randomizes the back-row starting positions. It involved two bishops on opposite-color squares and the King somewhere between the two Rooks. The exciting version was invented by no other than Bobby Fischer, one of the best players of all time.

5) We would like you to know that the game was called Chaturanga earlier. Yes, chess has an Indian origin. The game started between the second and the sixth centuries.
The game is somewhat similar to its modern-day successor. The game is somewhat similar to games like Japanese “shogi” and Taiwanese “Makruk.”

6) Do you know that the game of chess is forever unsolved? If two good players are squared off, it would eventually lead to a draw. However, most people undermine that chess is way more complex than it seems, and sometimes it remains unsolved. It is indeed a complicated mystery.

7) You might be surprised even if you are a chess expert. Yes, rooks are considered superior to Knights and Bishops in most cases. They are instrumental, and this depends on exact rankings and board state.

Also, a stalemate occurs when a player cannot make any legal move, as all the options will be checked. This means that they will lose on the following turn. Stalemated teams do not lose – in fact, these games are draws in between two teams. This is the reason why most chess enthusiasts underpromote pawns.

Chess also helps you reason and teaches you the virtue of patience. There are several online apps where you can play this game easily.
The registration process is easy as well. The game teaches you sportsmanship, develops spatial skills, and enables creative thinking. If you want to learn abstract reasoning awareness, you must try chess!!

8) There are 400 different possible positions after one move. Also, you should know that there are 72084 possible positions after two moves each. Moreover, 9 million different possible positions exist after three moves each. After four moves each, there are more than 318 billion different positions. The number of electrons is around 10^79.

So these are some facts that you should know as a chess lover.