[Download] Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 Update – New Guns, Futuristic Mode and More

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Battlegrounds Mobile India July Patch Notes is Here. It comes with New Guns, vehicles, Futuristic Mode, and much More. This update also brings new Season 19. Here you will see all the Updates and Features of Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 update.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the popular Battle Royale Mobile Games available for All Android Users. It is a Rebranded Version of PUBG Mobile Global which was banned in September 2020 by Indian Govt. Battlegrounds Mobile India brings a new Update which has some new exciting features and updates.

Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 Update – Features and Changes

1 . New Weapon MG3 and Changes in M249

Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 Update - MG3 Weapon

This new update brings a new MG3 Weapon which users 7.2 Ammo. It will be available in Supply Crate instead of M249. It is a light machine gun which fires 75 ammo in auto mode. M249 has been removed from Supply crate and It will be available in Field grounds and will be available in all maps except Karakin.

2. Throwing Healing Consumables

Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 Update - Throw Healing Consumables

With this new update, Now you can Throw Healing Consumables like Bandages, Painkiller, Medkits. You can directly send Healing consumables to your teamates.

3. Ranking Update: New Tier Update

Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 Update - New Ace Dominator Tier

A major changes has been updated in Ranking System. It has now a new Tier which comes after the ACE Tier. It has named ACE Dominator. It will be available between ACE and Conqurer.

4. Mission Ignition Mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 Update - Mission Igniton Mode

A new Mode has been added to Erangel Map for a limited time. It will have 6 Hi tech places like Transit Center, Georgopool, Tech Center, Sosnovko Security Center, Logistic Agency, Energy Center. In this mode, You can see name of Places in 3D (like COD Mobile). A new Hi tech Bus has been added that runs on Hyperline in which you can sit and visit to different places. There are some mode specific vehicles and Guns also like:

  • Semi Truck Svayaat.
  • G-83 Gravity Free Motorcycle.
  • Air Conveyer
  • ASM Abakan
  • Riotshield to Protect yourself

5. Some Settings Improvements

In this new BGMI Update, Some Improvements have been made in Settings like

Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 Update - gyro settings
  • Change Sensitity of Each Gun
  • A new Graphics has also added for Low Specifications devices
  • 90fps option has been added for some more devices
  • Changes in Gyroscope Sensitivity like Reverse Gyro.
  • Advanced Pickup Option for Guns
  • Auto Pickup stopped during Healing

So, Guys these are some major changes and Updates that has been Added to Battlegrounds Mobile India V1.5.0 Update. I hope you like it.

How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.5.0 Update?

  1. New BGMI Update is coming on 13th July 2021.
  2. On that day, Open the Play Store.
  3. Search Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  4. Click on Update button and Update it.
  5. If you are not recieving the update, clear the data of Play store and try again.

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