Amazon Wonder Woman Quiz answers – Win ₹1000 | 100 Winners

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Amazon is one of the popular shopping website and app. amazon app is available for android and iOS. Amazon is a worldwide shopping website. It is available in various countries like the US, UK, India, Nepal, etc. I wrote this article about the amazon Special Quiz (Wonder Woman Quiz) answers. You can win ₹1,000 Today.

Amazon offers all types of products in any category. You can order books, Games, Tech products, gadgets, Smartphones, Clothes, Home, and kitchen items. You can buy items and products using a debit card, UPI, Net banking, etc.

Amazon also offers other features like Amazon Pay, Amazon Prime, Amazon Alexa (digital Assistant), Amazon audible, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Amazon Pay is a digital wallet like Paytm where you can add money from a bank and use it for doing prepaid recharge, pay bills, book movie tickets, buy gift cards, etc.

Amazon Wonder Woman Quiz is related to the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 Movie. It is going to release in India on 24th December. Here in this quiz, you have to give answers to 5 Questions and you can win Rs.1000 in your amazon pay wallet. 100 Winners will be selected.

amazon wonder woman quiz answers - Win Rs1000

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How to Participate in Amazon Quiz?

  1. Download and Install Amazon App from the play store.
  2. Open the application.
  3. Click on Already a customer? Sign in.
  4. Enter Email or Mobile Number.
  5. Enter password.
  6. In Homescreen, search Quiz.
  7. Click on the Funzone banner.
  8. Now, Click on the Amazon Wonder Woman Quiz banner.
  9. Click on the Start Now button.
  10. Give correct answers to 5 Questions.
  11. A lucky person will be selected as a winner.
  12. If you are a lucky one, you can win the prize.

Amazon Wonder Woman Quiz Rewards

  • Win ₹1000
  • 100 Winners will be selected.

Amazon Wonder Woman Quiz answers – Win ₹1000

Q1. What is the name of the character played by Chris Pine who sacrificed his own life in Wonder Woman but returns in Wonder Woman 1984?

Ans – Steve Trevor

Q2. What actress stars in Wonder Woman 1984 in the first-ever live-action appearance of The Cheetah, and also spent seven seasons on Saturday Night Live?

Ans – Kristen wiig

Q3. What was the name of Diana’s aunt , who trained her to become a warrior?

Ans – Antiope

Q4. David Thewlis who plays Remus Lupin in Harry Potter movies plays the role of which God in Wonder Woman?

Ans – Ares

Q5. In Wonder Woman 1984, Wonder Woman uses what part of her classic blue, red and gold armor as a boomerang-style weapon?

Ans – Her Tiara

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