[Trick] Free Emotes in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Free Emotes Trick


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Hello Guys! I hope you all are fine. Today, I am back with another new PUBG mobile trick. In this trick, You can get Free emotes in PUBG mobile without investing any UC or without buying Royal Pass.

For those users, who don’t know much more about PUBG Mobile. Let me tell you in short. PUBG Mobile is an Online Battle Royale Game available for Android or iOS Devices. It is one of the most popular battle royal game in android. PUBG Mobile Releases a New Season in every two months and provides new Premium Outfits, New Gun Skins, New Emotes, New Vehicle skins and Much More.

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If you are a hardcore PUBG Mobile player, then you definitely use emotes to make your friend and your enemies jealous. But, Due to lack of Money or Without Royal pass, You can even get any Emotes. So, Today we bring you a new trick with the help you can get PUBG Mobile Free emotes. Most of PUBG Mobile Players don’t know about this trick. I hope you like this trick.

pubg mobile free sara emotes tricks

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How to Get Free Emotes in PUBG Mobile (PUBG Mobile Free Emotes)

1 . First of all, Open PUBG Mobile Game.

2. Login with Facebook or Google Play.

3. In Lobby, Click on Workshop and then Click on Character Option.

pubg mobile free emotes

4. Now, Switch to Sara Character and Use the Character.

free emotes in pubg mobile

5. Play the Classic Games with Sara Character.

6. When You Play Classic Game with Sara Character, You will get Sara Crate.

pubg mobile free emotes trick

7. Now, Again Go to Workshop>Character and Click on Sara’s Crate and Open it.

8. You will get a Chance to Get Free Emotes or Character Shard.

9. If you have enough character voucher, you can also buy Emotes from Character Shard. 

Note: These Free Emotes with Work With Sara Character Only. You Can get a maximum of 1000 Sara Crate.

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