PUBG Mobile Season 12 Leaks – New Gun Skins, Outfits, Vehicle Skins and More

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Leaks - New Outfits, Vehicle skins, rewards, and more


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Hello Guys! I hope you all are fine. Today, I am back with another new article in which I am going to showcase the PUBG Mobile season 12 leaks. In this article, I will show you gun skins, vehicle skins, season theme, Premium outfits that are coming in Upcoming Season 12. I hope you like it.

PUBG Mobile is a very popular android or iOS Battle Royale game. In this game, 100 Players jumps into an island and fights with each other to survive till last. The last survivor becomes the winners and gets Virtual Chicken Dinner.

Every two months PUBG Mobile Comes with a new Season pass like PUBG PC. In Season Royal pass, we see new PUBG mobile themes, new Gun Skins, New Premium outfits, new emotes, New vehicle skins, new modes, etc. We all know that Season 12 of PUBG Mobile is Releasing between March 5-7. So, there are various upcoming outfits, gun skins, etc leaked on the internet that are coming in Season 12.

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PUBG Mobile Season 12 Leaks

1. Season 12 Upcoming Gun Skins

In this season, PUBG Mobile will have More than a bunch of Gun Skins. Some Leaked Guns Skins are as follows

  • M24 Skin
  • SKS Skin
  • M762 Skin
  • UMP45 Skin
  • UMP45 Second Skin
  • M416 Skin
  • DP28 Skin
  • Desert Eagle Pistol Skin
  • ScarL Skin

2. PUBG Mobile Premium Outfits Season 12

There are various premium outfits coming in season 12 but some of them are leaked on the internet. These premium outfits are looking very attractive and beautiful.

3. PUBG Mobile Season 12 Vehicle Skins

In this upcoming season of PUBG mobile, There are more than 5 skins are coming for Vehicles which includes the Dacia, UAZ(Two Variants), etc. These skins are looking very attractive and beautiful.

  • Dacia Skin
  • Buggy Skin
  • Bike Skin
  • UAZ Skin

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4. PUBG Mobile Helmet Skins in Season 12

In Leaks, it seems that a minimum of two helmet skins is coming in this upcoming season of PUBG mobile. Both the skins are very attractive and looking beautiful.

5. PUBG Mobile Season 12 Purchase Bonus

PUBG Mobile will give one Premium Outfits and One Gun Skin For Purchasing UC and Buying Season 12 Royal pass.

6. PUBG Mobile Season 12 Bag Skins

In the leaks, it seems that there will be two or More Bag skins that looking stunning and beautiful.

7. PUBG Mobile Parachute Skins in Season 12

This time, you will see more than three parachute skins in Upcoming PUBG mobile Season. Here are leaked images of Parachute skins.

8. PUBG Mobile Emotes in Season 12

In Rumors we heard that PUBG mobile is coming with new Emotes in Upcoming Season 12. There are a list of those emotes

  • Ok Emote
  • Whistle Emote
  • Hype Before Jump Emote
  • Talk to Hand Emote

So, Guys, these are PUBG mobile season 12 leaks that include, gun skins, parachute skins, vehicle skins, purchase bonus, etc. I hope you like it.

Note: While most of the things are unlockable after purchasing Season 12 Royal pass but you can unlock some things after reaching to top tiers in Season 12.

Image Credits Goes to The God Gaming

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